First time building from scratch...ish

Hey guys, I'm building my computer from scratch for the first time and I'm looking for advice :). Here's what I have planned so far.

Antec Sonata III

E6550 or E6750 (I'm leaning towards the E6550 since, in my opinion, core2duo already massacres everything :P)
Zalman 9500 (Not sure to go with the LED version or not since you can't really see the lighting with the Sonata III. I was wondering if there was any difference between the two aside from the LED.)
4x Kingston 800 1G

EVGA 8800 GT superclocked 512 or XFX 8800 GT (regular clock?) 512 (there's a $20 difference)
I plan on reusing my current harddrives (both WD 1x 10k rpm and another 7.5k rpm)

I'm probably forgetting something... :P

Any advice appreciated :D.

P.S. Sonata III any better than a P180?
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  1. Every thing looks fine but if I were you I would wait until Penryn is out and let the CPU prices drop. The 8800 GT is also good, but prices will go down for it too. So I guess you have to play the waiting game now...
  2. Thanks :D. Actually, I'm just trading in my current CPU for the 6550 (free of charge ^^). I may just spend the 20-30$ I save from not trading in for a 6750 on the video card :).
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