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Edit 2: So where I work apperantly is blocking the ability to connect to my machine at home, Since I work for IT i can talk to somebody to fix this but what would need to be done?
(I should know this myself but I dont)

So I have had this problem start up recently, I cannot remote into my laptop from an External Address, I can remote into it from an internal address just fine. I enabled DMZ host for that machine to minimize complications, people can connect to my Teamspeak Server on that address just fine, repoarts that port 3389 is open, yet when I try to connect it tells me that remote desktop connection is not running on that computer, I read that NOD32 may have caused the problem, so I uninstalled it rebooted and It still doesnt work. Can somebody Help me?

Edit: if another computer is DMZed it is possible to remote into it, Problem Computer is Windows XP SP3


Firewall off, cannot remote in from a remote site.
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    Your Network Administrator at work likely knows what needs to be done, but many business based routers utilize VPN connections for secure remote connections. If they do not, then you may be able to get away with making sure you router at work also allows traffic on Ports 80 and 3389 like your home router should.

  2. ^ Agreed. You most likely need to set up a VPN.

    This link may also be of some help.
  3. I'm going just a bit OT aford10, but have you seen this new remote support software. I saw it in use for the first time this week and it looked real slick. Worked thru my client's VPN firewall easily. Could be another option for snipergod87 as well.
  4. Yep, bomgar is pretty nice. That's actually what our bank uses to do remote sessions with our software vendor.
  5. Nice. I used to work in the IT department of a bank, until I was offered a transfer that I didn't want to make. Those were the days of spooling magnetic tape and mainframes. The microcomputers had 30Mb drives! lol

    Anyways, if you have any other questions snipergod87, just post back to us.

  6. We've still got a rack of those old magnetic tapes, covered in dust, in our server room. :D
  7. aford10 said:
    We've still got a rack of those old magnetic tapes, covered in dust, in our server room. :D

    LOL, we had to demagnetize so many of those tapes with a hand held electromagnet that street lights still go out as I walk by! :??:
  8. Stop what you're doing, and slowly back away from your hard drive! ;)
  9. lol! we dont have any equipment that old in there, cept some really old SD laptop RAM. I will ask about the ports, I cant setup a site to site VPN as my home router doesnt support it and its a security issue (maybe I can put my IP on a trusted list or something). At work we use Ultra VNC and IntelliAdmin for remode administration, IntelliAdmin will install itself which is pretty handy. The only other remote software that worked was LogMeIn, but thats web based and sorta sluggish.

    Thanks for the help guys!
  10. You're welcome,
    Good luck.
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  12. Glad we could help out.

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