Advise On Water Cooling Please

I am looking at a water cooling unit to add to my system. I would like to spend no more than $250 US if I can. What is the best unit out there in this price range?

CoolMaster Stacker 830 Case
Asus Maximus Exteme Board
Quad 9650 Processor
4 Gig ddr3 OCZ Ram
2 150 Gig Raptors (leftovers)
2 750 Gig Seagate 7200.11 Drives
3870 X2 Video
900 Watt Sparkle Power supply.

Hope this covers it. Any advise woould be a big help

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  1. Custom would be best tbh. You think you would be up for that?
  2. hatman, to be honest probably not....I'm new at this (you know the old saying we all start somewhere) I just have a board that is able to at least take water cooling out of the box for the chip set anyway. I'm just trying to decide if it is worth it? I went all out this year and purchased the system I always wanted (it will be good at least for a few months). Just wanted to look into the water cooling to see if it would be worth it in this case?
  3. Tbh if its nto custom then not really. The price you apy for what you get over air is negligable. In most cases it isnt even much quieter. Stackers have internal mounting for 240mm radiators but im not sure which ones fit and which dont, most likely none with custom kits.

    I cant really advise any to you as im not familiar with american sites and prices :(
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