hi every1 i heard about tom's hardware as being the best hardware site and i have a problem i want to share with you guys:

i had soltek kx7 333 and duron with ati 9800 ...1gb ram...40gb hdd...400w power and so on then i got soltek kt600r with barton 2500+...there starts a problem....

when i installed soltek onto my comp and turned power on windows started to boot (i hear the windows intro) but there is no display on my monitor...
i tried the following:
-replaced vga card-same
-replaced cpu-same
-replaced monitor-same
-cleared cmos ... taking out battery ...flashing bios...
-replaced ram hdd and all other-always the same problem can't see display on my monitor

so then i decided to put back abit kx7 and duron....did all that but same problem i figured out it must be the 9800....i managed to get 9200 and 9250....put them in and still no display....

please someone give me idea what to do...

btw...i have 3 monitors (all working) 3 vga (9800 9200 9250 all working) various kinds of ram all working and few hdd's all good....tried everything even got a new power suplly and the problem still remains

now i have two mbo's with two cpu's and none of them shows me a display on my monitor....

regards from croatia :D
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  1. It sounds like you're not outputting the signal to the AGP card. With all that gyration, one would have thought that it would work one way or another....Are you using the same vga cord for your monitors?
  2. nothing just connect them directly to the vga simple as it cable into blue socket :D
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