Is it possible to setup Raid 0 on a Asus P5K Premium without a floppy

Well is it?

The manual seems to suggest so from what Ive read of it online. But could someone verify this for me.

I'm getting very paranoid. I have had bad experiences before with raid 0.
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  1. are you trying to install the OS on this array?
  2. Yep =)
  3. Which OS? Cause with VISTA you can install the drivers from the cd-rom.
  4. Yea it will be Vista Business edition. I only ask because I don't have a floppy drive. Also, I'm used to the P5W DH EZ-Raid which woul;d setup Raid 0 automatically.
  5. With Vista it's possible to load drivers during the install from a cd-rom.
  6. Yeh Vista you can with CD-Rom... If it was XP you would REQUIRE a floppy
  7. I didn't need any drivers whatsoever with the P5K Premium Mobo and Vista Business 64bit. Very strange. I would have at least thought that I would need some drivers on a USB drive or saved on CD.
  8. If you indeed setup the array before going into the vista setup, i spose its possible that the drivers are included in vista.
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