Recovering files from my drive please help.

Good day,

I was working on my system the other day. Running on Windows Server 2003 and suddenly my hard drive made some clicking sounds and system ran so slow. So I remembered i haven't done a chckdsk or a defrag in a while i tried doing so.

When i restarted after a long defrag process all my desktop files and my documents were missing.

So i tried to run a recovery took Namely R-Studio.

I unhooked the drive and plugged into my workstation.
and scanned for files but couldn't retrieve the data i was looking for.
Instead i got a whole ton of pictures and movies on the drive which i've never even seen in my life.

Any ideas on how to recover the files? Cause the drive properties still states the same hard drive space before the crash so i suppose it's still there somewhere.

My files are critical to my job. I keep all office documents and database files as well as confidential info and i need to retrieve those. due to the office server bogging down.

Now how i wish i had backed them up on usb or online storage. Geez
but for security reasons i was hesitant to go online storage route.

Any tips and tricks would be helpful.

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