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Hello,i can't download file from any website. once i try to download, no dialogue box appears. the screen flashes once and return to the same web page, pls help, thanks !!
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  1. Are you getting a yellow line across the top of your webpage when you try to download?

    You can also try launching Internet Explorer in safe mode:

    Here’s how you can disable all addons/extensions and run IE 7 or even IE 8 without them:

    •Go to Start > Run
    •Type iexplore -extoff
    •Press Enter

    If you can download while in safe mode, you likely have an add-in or toolbar interferring and can start weeding them out using Tools->manage addons and Tools->Toolbars

    You can also go to Tools->Internet Options->Advanced Tab and click on the reset button (but this will reset everything back to original)

    Let me know how you make out with these suggestions. Post back here if you have any questions.

  2. Problem still exist while in safe mode, but I never try the reset button because I dont want everything back to original. But anyway, thanks !!
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