Toshiba webcam satellite c655 series

how can you reinstall the webcam application or get the webcam to work when it says initialization failed?
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  1. Dear Ashley Page,

    Kindly I ask your attention.

    Disconnect the hardware and uninstall it, restart your system and try again.
    Don't forget, some hardware has to be connection before the installation, some during the installation and some after the installation. Look for it ad the manual.

    What you could try to is, uninstall the software, restart and install again.

    Try to download the software (again?) from the firms website, there you can look ad there FAQ's and ask them for support.
    Is it the latest, try the one before (CD?).

    Hopefully I let you know enough and that you will find the answers you seek!

    Good luck and have fun doing it!

    Best Regards
  2. Where can I get free webcam Camera for Satellite C655?
  3. How about webcam Camera for Satellite C655 with no Key?
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