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Hey guys,
I have recently started learning python in school at GCSE level. I would like to get into programming and start to put time into it outside of school and I was wondering if anyone here knew any decent books. I have never learnt a programming language before so it need to be a book aimed at beginners :kaola: .
I will be using Python 3 so I assume I should get a book based on that version. Availability in the UK would also be nice so I do not have to pay lots of money shipping something from another county!
Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Thanks I shall take a look
    ISBN: 9780132576376
    Edition: 2ND
    Copyright Year: 2012

    That's a slightly newer edition than the one I used, but I've had good experience with Tony Gaddis as an author as far as learning programming from a book (1 semester of Python, 1 of C++, and 1 1/2 almost 2 of Java) The books include example code and are all around easy to work with, with or without an instructor.
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