XFX 680i LT - HELP! No beeps, no posts, no nothing :(

I just got a XFX nForce 680i LT, Pentium Duo 2.2, 2Gb (2x1024) of 800Mhz dual channel DDR2, the power supply is a Xion 500W with 4-pin CPU power cord. After connecting all cards, memories, HD and so on, I switch it on. The mobo lights up, the fans are running, the HD is alive, but there is no video, no beeps, no post whatsoever.
I am trying to understand if there is a problem with the CPU power supply. The mobo has a 8-pin plug for the power, but the manual states that a 4-pin cable can be used, and it tells you where to plug it. The problem is, the 4-pin doesn't fit there. It fits in the adjacent 4 pins, but not in the 4 indicated on the manual. And even if it fits in the other four, the position of the 12V - GND cables is reversed.
Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated...

thank you
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  1. What's the cpu model? Look at the box or your receipt. Then compare this against xfx site's cpu support of a bios version.

    Better yet, list everything on the receipt here.

    Is the 4-pin cable labeled cpu? What color is it?

    Sorry your info is extremely vague so I can't help you more.
  2. I just spoke with XFX Tech support, I had the same issue. They said that there was a misprint in the manual regarding the pins to put the 4-pin connector in. It's supposed to say 3,7,4 and 8. So putting it where it fits, according to XFX will work.
  3. Problem solved. There is a misprint in the manual, and the way the power supply cord fits in the plug it is the way it is supposed to be. My problem, however, was a faulty memory stick. The mobo DOES NOT have any speaker or speaker plug, so you willl never hear any beeping. Try a different memory stick before you do anything else.

    Thank you all for your help
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