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Recently I finished building my computer. Everything runs fine, there seem to be no problems with the hardware. It's the software, however, in which I seem to lack the finesse required to run such a machine. Not only do I have no idea what I'm doing, I went ahead and downloaded all the drivers I though would be necessary to have a fully functional machine. This is where I believe the problem lies (in the drivers), but I am uncertain to this being the problem, or it being another problem completely unknown to me. Most all games I try to run do not open, Itunes refuses to open, and skype malfunctions and crashes when I call or receive a call. Videos require flash (youtube) crash the plugin, however this does not happen to most other applications in browsers that require flash. Help is very much appreciated.

-disraught, and in need of help

intel core i7-2600k
asus p8z68 deluxe
amd radeon HD 6700 series
WDC 1.0 TB hard drive
850 W power supply
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  1. Could you list exactly what you downloaded?
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