How Do I Add Another SATA Hard Drive?

I already have two internal hard drives and I wish to add a third internal hard drive. With SATA can you slave off the hard drive like you use to do with IDE or do I have to buy a card that will plug into one of my PCI slots (I don't have PCI Express)?
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  1. -Insert the SATA drive into a bay..
    -Plug the HDD SATA cable into a SATA port on the motherboard
    -Attach the power to the HDD.
    -Turn computer on, done.
  2. You have to have an available SATA port or you will need a PCI card.
  3. If you have run out of MoBo SATA ports then yes, you will have to add a card; you can't slave a SATA drive off another.

    Another option might be an IDE to SATA converter, but they don't always work (specialy with older MoBo's).
  4. I'm out of motherboard SATA ports. Any recommendations on PCI cards? Also, I would like to use the two 5 1/2" slots in my case for removable SATA hard drives. Any recommendations for a high quality unit?
  5. This one offers an internal SATA port and an e-SATA port for a removable HDD.
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