I think I screwed something up

First the specs

MB: A8N32-SLI deluxe
AMD FX-60 939
Vid: 8800GTX
2 GB Corsair Ram
Sound: Xfi fatal1ty

I decided to watercool. Did my research and got all my parts. I went with a Koolance setup with the lian li case. Since I would be running the MB in an inverted position, I had to ditch the heat pipe and get blocks for the NB, SB, and voltage regulator along with the cpu and VGA.

The install went smooth, took me a while, but no leaks on the first try. I got everything back together, booted it up and the only thing I get is beeping. I believe it is 1 long 2 short. It could be 3 short beeps in a loop. Looked it up and it could be VGA missing or RAM. I went in and reseated. I reset the cmos. This is where I'm stuck at. All the fans come on. I can see the temperature rising on the digital readout for the WC unit for both the cpu and VGA.

The blocks on the NB and SB did slip a little bit trying to get the tubing on, but I didn't hear a crunch. I wore my ESD protection. I've rechecked all other cable connections. No coolant has leaked.

I'm thinking maybe the video want come on because the fan is not connected? I'm reaching, but you hopefully you guys can help me out.
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  1. Connect any case fan to the cpu fan connector. Once it posts, disable the cpu fan in bios. Disconnect the fan & power it up. If no luck, connect the stock gpu fan as well as the cpu one.

    You should post this in the cooling forum.
  2. Hope you can get it up and running.
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