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I know, I should of gotten the black edition, but I was hasty to get a new CPU and didn't. Anyway, I'm using a Jetway M2 Motherboard, and I can't over clock past 242 mhz bus speed without the system refusing to start.

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  1. List all your settings first.
  2. AH. ok

    Vcore is set at 1.3 (I think), no vcore shift. The Ram is 533 and my $40 mobo (which is not even a real x16 lane!) cannot change the ram factor.

    It is the factory default 10.5 multiplier.

    The mobo is a jetway M26GT3-SVP
    Currently, I have a 6800, but i am planning to upgrade to a Geforce 9600.
    I have 2 gb of ram, one one gb stick, and two 512 mb.
    Cant think of anything off hand, 450 Watt PSU that works marvelously and should be able to handle a 9600.
  3. What settings are your ram rated for? I do believe it was 400MHz, was it not?

    If that is the case, the reason why you can't go past 242MHz fsb is due to your ram. You also stated that you can not change the system memory multiplier.
  4. I think it was
  5. I also have a non-BE 5000+. I was wondering if 3ghz can be attained "easily" with this proc? On paper it looks like 3ghz at 12x250 with a HTT multi of x4 would be delicious. I believe that makes the RAM speed at around 750mhz if I run it at DDR-667 speeds. I was having problems just getting to 2.8 to run stable on prime95 but I believe that was a RAM issue.

    I am running this X2 5000+ on a Foxconn C51XEM2AA motherboard with 2 gigs of Patriot DDR2-6400 ram with windows xp media center edition. I also have a beefy CPU cooler that came with the system so cooling "shouldnt" be an issue.

    As of right now I have only been able to get a stable CPU speed of 2.73 but I was able to tighten my ram to 4-4-4-12. All of the voltages are set to 'Auto' :sweat:
  6. I also have the regular 5000+. I am running it on an Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe Motherboard. I have 3 gig of DDR-800 ram, 2 Evga 7950 Gt's in sli and my rig is water cooled. I am currently running my 5000+ at a stable 3.016. My fsb is 232 x 13 and set my core voltage to 1.45. I have my ram set at ddr2-800 4-4-4-12 and running at 2.1 volts. I haven't had any issues with this set up at all. My CPU temp is usually around 45C ideling and 56C running.
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