TV-out for a laptop w/o tv-out

Is it possible to get tv-out on a laptop which doesn't have tv-out originally? Is there some hardware you can buy to make it possible?
I hope I posted it in the right subsection.
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  1. Yes and Yes.

    What outputs do you have?

    In any case here's the Swiss-Army knife of output converters;

    The Keylite.

    There are a bunch of other ones out there that are bigger etc, and probably cheaper too, but that one does just about everything.
  2. How do I see which outputs the laptop have?
  3. Look on outside.

    But that converted supports USB and VGA.

    But the main thing you need to know is whether you have DVI or VGA connectors.

    Check the outside or the manual, and from there then you can pick a converter.
  4. many laptops also have an svideo port (its been a long time since i have seen one without). likewise many TVs support svideo in.

    If both of yours support svideo, then all you need is a cable.

    If you dont have that... then that adapter shown above looks like a good option for you!!!
  5. The laptop has a output like that picture and it has an S next to it. So what cable do I then need?
  6. you need an s video cable, that is if your tv has an s video input.

    you can find a better price than that probably, but it might be a cheap cable
  7. radio shack, target, walmart... check there for that cable.
  8. The tv only has a scart stick and 3 holes (white, red and yellow). What can I do about that?
  9. You can get an Svideo - to - composite adapter. I have one in my bag of tricks, cost me $2 at a computer store.

    Seeing as you have a 'scart' connection I'm assuming you're in Europe and thus no RadioShacks ('m guessing). This is what you need to look for, and most stores like DABs etc shoud have one version;

    You could also use a Female to Female version and hook an S-video cable from the laptop to the FF, or get a long cable that's male - female like the above, or even an uninterupted male - male cable.
  10. I can't seem to find an an Svideo - to - composite adapter, so I have to use an S-video cable and a Female to Female cable. Which brand of S-video cable should I buy? Are there any difference in the quality?
    And yes, I'm European.
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