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I'm looking for semi-advanced video editing software. Free or paid doesn't matter, as long as it's good. I have no experience with video editing so preferably not something that takes a 3-year study course to get anywhere.

Specifically, I would like to be able to "cut out" certain parts in videos, as well as merge multiple short videos into a single video file.
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  1. Anything else? I'd like to try several.
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  4. Hi, I am a still photographer and very new now to video. I am using a D5100 for video.
    How do I edit the videos? I'd like to cut them up and splice them such that I can cut out sections (an interviewer's questions for example) and splice back together.
    What basic nothing-fancy editing software can I get to do this? It needs to be beginner-friendly too.
    I'd also like to be able to edit the videos -- as I do still photos -- for things like color and exposure.
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