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I am scratching my head on this.
I have a linksys wireless G running with a desktop using cat 5 and a wireless laptop.
Both run fine using Vista....
I have bought a Trendnet wireless N gigabit. It runs fine and I show a local network fine.
I can access the internet on the wireless fine, no problems...but the dang desktop refuses to get to the internet.
When i use the fix connection it says it is a DNS error. I have taken it from auto to manual and plugged in the with no results. I am out of ideas and am wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I did try a posted fix from the net about a TCP fix and it wasn't the probem
I know enough to mess this up but consider myself a novice.
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  1. Post your config. i.e.:


    Anything in between is what I need to know. If nothing, then the desktop won't go online when wired to the router?

    Post your results from these commands: start, run, cmd

    ipconfig /all
    ping www.google.com
  2. Is the wired PC static or using DHCP? isn't a standard IP range handed out, normally that's .1. or .0. which makes me think that's where your problem is.

    You should be able to ping by IP address your other PC. I'm guessing you've manually entered the IP address incorrectly.
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