How much do you OC your 8800GTS?

If you have an 8800GTS, I am curious as to how high some of you OC it. I currently have an XFX 8800GTS XXX edition that is factory clocked at 580 core and 900 memory. When playing Crysis I typically OC it to 625 core and 980 memory and have no issues. Just wondering how high you run yours if you have one....

How about you?
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  1. Been at 650/2080 almost since i got it now with no problems.
  2. 640/1050. I got an error once at 650, so I backed off in the name of stability.
  3. Much over 600 core gives me stability issues. I run the shaders at 1550 and memory at 950, could probably push them a little further, but haven't bothered.
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