POLL - BEST Motherboard Manufacturer? :ctrlaltdelpc:

What is the best motherboard manufacturer based on reliability, performance, setup, functionality, user friendliness, customer service, warranty/RMA etc.
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  1. I've never had any truble with Gigabyte boards, they offer most features and their prices are about right most of the time.

    An Asus died on me once, so no more Asus for me for a while.
  2. Imo it's too wide a criteria esp. as user abilities/expectations vary greatly & mobo manufacturers have good/bad models.

    Asus have something like 50% of the mobo market so should in theory get ~50% of your votes in the poll.

    abit USA aren't a mobo manufacturer as such but the US subsidiary of Universal abit (nitpicking I know but Tom's Hardware isn't a particularly US centric site so abit USA aren't relevant to a large % of the readership)
  3. For me, Asus was always best in features and reliability.
    I think Gigabyte or MSI is best for extreme overclocking.
    I had trouble with Abit before, but I know it's a big company and around a long time so I must have just had bad luck.
    From what little I know, DELL makes it's own motherboards. They should be included (even though you can't buy just the Dell motherboard)

    I actually like that Toms is not US centric, even though I'm American. I think this gives a better perspective on the world as a whole. (Not showing much stupid US 2-Year phone plans and showing non-Microsoft International standards for example)
    My 2 cents.
  4. Dell buys from/contracts Foxconn, among others. Asus makes good Intel chipped boards, but iffy AMD boards. I buy Gigabyte, Abit, and Biostar, personally.
  5. Asus is my favorite
  6. Have had no problems with Asus or Gigabyte. Have had problems with Biostar.
  7. I like DFI (I seem to be alone in that). Always rock solid, always run well in and out of spec (for procs, etc.). I was upset with Asus when they slapped a defective fan on the southbridge in the Deluxe board and slapped a heatpipe that would not work in an inverted configuration on the Premium board once. Other than that, Asus is pretty good, too.
  8. I voted for Gigabyte, but have also had good results from Biostar. The former have more performance features though; not fair to compare a $130 mobo with a $80 one.
  9. This is when I must ask.........are you going to ask this for EVERY SINGLE THING in a computer?

    o and i like Gigabyte
  10. -lol- maybe
  11. Gigabyte has great price/value/performance. But I believe MSI has beaten asus as they claim.
  12. I absolutely love my DFI.
  13. Had Asus, MSI and ECS, never had any trouble. Asus full of features, MSI great overclock and ECS reliable.
  14. I am sure all the manufacturers make great products....but I think that DFI has the edge in Build quality.

    I have the 35P Lan Party
  15. Gigabyte - never a single problem on my nforce4

    Many of my friends had Asus boards, and they all had some issues, always something else...

    Memory fried, gameport didn't work, raid failed (!), southbridge coolers failing, agp ports frying new vga cards... on and on.

    And when it happens, it's always: "maybe I just got a bad sample, Asus mobo's are great!"
  16. I've always liked ASUS boards. Recently I got a Gigabyte board to give them a try. Hope I won't be disappointed.
  17. I still have an Asus A8V-E Deluxe and when I bought it 2 years ago it's north bridge fan came broken.. and never got it repaired. Instead I put a fan "on" my graphic card and cooled the north bridge that way.. until now

    Plus there's the fact that their website sucks. They don't offer the CDs that come out of the box etc.
  18. Considering Price performance ratio i am voting for Gigabyte, but I am having with good run with ASUS also. I hate ECS MBs' and for best reliability and durability i think stock Intel boards are great.
  19. ASUS
  20. ASUS and Gigabyte.
  21. wow, im surprised by the number of results Gigabyte got. respect!
  22. Wish I could have voted for both ASUS and GIGABYTE as they are both good manufactures and I have yet to have an ASUS or Gigabyte board die on me.

    PS: Had MSI, ABIT and DFI die on me, after that I never brought from any of the companies. I have been happy ever since.
  23. mychael616 said:
    What is the best motherboard manufacturer based on reliability, performance, setup, functionality, user friendliness, customer service, warranty/RMA etc.

    I'd have to say for Intel based system it's definitely between Gigabyte and Asus. As of late I have been VERY impressed with Gigabyte boards specifically my GA-P35-DQ6 rev 1.0 board.

    My Asus P5W-DH board was pretty good but nowhere near as good a clocker. My Asus P5K-E WIFI/AP is pretty awesome so far though.
  24. The Forum subject is excellent.
    Changing the main board is a big pain in the .... if you still can find a board who works with your CPU & chipset
    I am troubleshooting computer.
    In my area (thailand) I see mainly Asrock, Asus, and ECs mainboard
    and think that Asrock is > to Asus > ECS
  25. I've built systems with about a dozen Asus boards and never had a single failure.
    I've used one Abit and one Gigabyte and they both died after about a year of use.
  26. AUS lives forever (I've got a 9 year old P3 still chugging along), but support stinks. Gigabyte has the fancy stuff, I'm getting Gigabyte next time for the thick pcb and dual BIOS. ASUS has bad AMD boards, so maybe I'll go ASUS if I want 775/1366 or w/e Intel has up their sleeve in a few years. If I'm getting AMD, I'm Gigabyte all the way. Learned my lesson, got a stinky ASUS M4A78 PRO for my Phenom II that can't OC 5h!+.
  27. I got a gigabyte (for AMD 4000) a few days a go, its great. Upgrading bios is easy and upgraded it from F1 to F10 (for Phenom X4) without any issue. ASUS and MSI once dumped me with wrong bios. I loved the gigabyte PCB colour toooooo. I had an Intel to for atleast 8 years before it broke down, it lacked performance but was rock solid.
  28. Had several Asus boards - all been fairly good, a couple with small issues which were sorted out on community boards and not by their support staff! Had a couple of Gigabyte boards, got a P35 now in one machine - good price/performance and would say either Asus or Giga are great, go for whichever is better for what you require, price/features wise.
    Have had a few god-awful boards from Asrock, ECS and MSI, these were a few years ago but once bitten...
  29. Where is the EVGA? In this moment I have a MSI K9A2 Platinum, as works great for my.
  30. May the death screams of 10,000 rats claim the soul of ABIT.

    Why don't you guys EVER include ASROCK in your surveys or categories?
  31. I like Gigabyte.
  32. I'd like to know why Tyan was not on this list? They are the best. Clevo is awesome too, but I've only seen them in laptops like Alienware, Sager and Xtreme PC.
  33. Gigabyte Gets my vote, got like 5 boards, all are solid builds, never let me down once, in fact my oldest one protected my Athlon from overheating!

    Currently running Gigabyte GA-MA790GPT-UD3H, it's a very solid board, nice features, CHEAP!!! (:D) and its awesomest!! (Currently running GTX285 for games nd stuff + 9800GTX for physx(And the 9800 was my old card))

    Anybody noticed AMD motherboards dont have the same features as those based on Intel, such as Lucid (Mix and match GPU brands/Manufacturers/Revisions) or the ability to SLI and Xfire on the same board?
  34. Asus
  35. Again - where's EVGA = my vote!
  36. MSI is also good.
  37. Where is eVGA? I owned 2 Abit mbs b4, both died. so 100% failure. I have had over 20 Asus, 4 Gigabyte, 1 MSI, 3 eVGA, never fails (touch wood).
  38. Intel makes the most reliable, solid boards. Not the most feature packed and maybe not the easiest to overclock, but in reliability they cannot be beat. They produce what are considered "reference" boards that all manufacturers look to.
  39. Well ASRock isn't on the list...but I'll say ASRock
  40. Quote:
    Well ASRock isn't on the list...but I'll say ASRock

    +1 -> ASRock!!
  41. Gigabyte.
  42. I used to love MSI: "same" features and quality as Asus and Gigabyte, at a lower price at least that's what they appeared to be, but after several consecutive bad experiences I quit them forever. My vote went to Gigabyte, though I often by Asus boards. I just feel I get more for my money when I buy a Gigabyte board. I'll never understand how they got away with that brand name though. It would be like Dell calling itself Megahertz.
  43. Who the hell voted for biostar.
  44. I haven't got a lot of experience, but the ASUS board I used for my last build(M4A89GTD PRO USB3...couldn't have thought of an easier name?) is running just fine and I am impressed with it's overclocking ease, Windows 7 loaded fine, as has everything else I've loaded. I would like to base my next build on an MSI, something compatible with one the AMD FX CPUs but I don't think they've quite caught up to them according to the reviews I've seen. If anyone has any info about compatible MSI mbs..I have an open mind that's a dry sponge waiting for water! Are we allowed to chat about refurb board deals?
    btw gothems finest...nice avatar
  45. MSi is good. Got one die on me because of overzealous overclocking. Just that.
  46. Gigabyte and ASUS for me...
  47. MSI is risky and biostar might just explode. gigabyte is the best in reliability( i really couldnt make a gigabyte Mb or vga burn), you can overclock it as much as you want :bounce:
    if you couldnt find gigabyte get an Asus. :love: :love:
  48. I voted for gigabyte, but asus and gigabyte would run neck and neck to me.
  49. For me the order is like this
    Asus > Gigabyte > MSI
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