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I recently built a new pc. I won't bother with specs but, my directx 9 games have a wierd distortion with lines of multicolor light flipping around. Example- Medieval 2 total war and Roma Victor. COD4 worked fine though. Please Help. My card is a 8800gt SC 512mb. I have vista 64bit home premium.
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  1. Faulty card? Check your temps? All I can think of.
  2. Temperure is fine. Its not faulty. i had a similar problem long ago with a 6600. I am thinking some update I haven't seen will fixit. Any advice?
  3. I have a antec 900 so no fan problem
  4. Beats me... Are you overclocking?
  5. Not yet. I was going to do so tonight.Its not a error screen just flippy color lines bouncing about.
  6. Update drivers? I had graphics corruption once because of it
  7. I got beta ones but don't work. I tried normal one but I get a error box basically saying its corrupt.
  8. Define tried. Downloaded then double clicked? Installed then the box?
  9. If the card isn't faulty or overheating then it's probably drivers.

    Here is a link to the latest beta driver for Vista64.

    Hope that helps :sol:

    Edit: Be sure to uninstall your old drivers before installing the new ones. It uninstalls just like any other program, I think it's listed as "NVIDIA Drivers" believe it or not.
  10. I downloaded and installed and it stopped fast and said corrupt. I did it again.
  11. Try again from the homerdog's link
  12. I already did that one. No change though crysis is better now. I have a AMD X26000+ and Asus M2N32-SLI deluxe wireless. 600 watt PSU and 2 gigs ram. 200gig HD
  13. More posts as I was editing. Anyway make sure you uninstall your old driver first.
  14. Oh. Its installed too. Thanks I wll brb
  15. How do I uninstall driver from cd with card?
  16. Uninstall the old driver just like any other program. In Vista it goes:

    Start, Computer, Uninstall or Change a Program, and scroll down to NVIDIA Drivers. Reboot and install new driver, then reboot again and you should be good to go.
  17. ok i will do so in 15 min. I am overclocking now
  18. haha,
    Drivers will not introduce coloured lines into rendered models all of a sudden.

    You've got a faulty card, the memory on the card might be corrupt.

    I'm sorry.
  19. change it
  20. Oh darn. are you sure. It wrks fine with other gamesand apps but but directx 9
  21. change cards?
  22. Install did not fix it. I willpost a screen shot soon. I don't believe its faulty because dx10 games COD4 work fine.
  23. Well it was worth a shot, but if updating the drivers didn't help I would say you have a bad card. One of the telltale signs of a faulty or overheating graphics card is artifacting, which is exactly what you are describing. Try underclocking the card and its memory with Rivatuner or Ntune. If that fixes it then you will need to RMA the card.

    Best of luck.
  24. Post a screen shot, because I want to know if it's texture corruption or something more ominous looking like obvious memory damage.

    PS, when you clean out drivers always use driver cleaner pro or something similar, you want to get rid of all traces of the old before installing the new.

    But at this point Screenshots would be best.
  25. Ok they will be up shrtly. What if it is textures?
  26. Also what do I do in ntune?
  27. sorry, photobucket isn't letting me. anywhere i can do it
  28. Also its not memory, its texture. I just underclocked it alot and same thing. Hopefully "I" can fix the tex without evga .
  29. try using imageshack.us to post the images, most importantly of all they don't resize images so it should show us what you have.

    Just post the link, don't imbed the image here or you're use up your limited bandwidth quicker and slow down the thread a bit.

    I'm just heading out of the office so I'll be offline for a while (likely until after Heroes on the west coast actually), but I'll check in later.
  30. There it is.
  31. I just built this computer and it would suck if I had to send it off. To top it off I just got my Fatal1ty mouse and keyboard. If it is fixable please let me know.
  32. That my friend is almost certainly a faulty graphics card.

    One last thing. What specific power supply do you have? It's a long shot, but weak power supplies can sometimes cause this stuff to happen.
  33. Ewww that looks pretty nasty. For the record my 8800GT runes M2:TW just fine at 700/950.
  34. ouch. Its not memory though.
  35. Why do my newer games run fine. quake wars and crysis and COD4 fine
  36. Ok, I am sending it in thi weekend or when I get the number for replacement via email. This is pissing me off. I spent good money and now I have to wait about a week aer they recieve it to get a new one.
  37. Oblivion plays fine. Is it possible that its a problem tha should wait foraupdate etc. All the new games play perfect. I just beat COD4. I can ge a new one within the one year warrenty with evga if there is a problem. any advice?
  38. Old games tend to stress different parts of your GPU than new ones do. There must be a problem in your GPU somewhere that old games expose but new ones do not.

    I wouldn't wait around, the sooner you send it off the sooner you get it back.
  39. bad card, send it back. i had the same problems back the in the TNT2 days.
  40. xantos12 said:
    ok i will do so in 15 min. I am overclocking now

    I agree you have a bad card.. but look at something here. you have a problem, and your also trying to overclock (maybe not the card, but overclocking anyway).

    get the damn thing running right BEFORE you start screwing with the stock settings!
  41. Ok, lets say I don't play old games. Then I'm fine. However this exzact thing happened to me on a 6600 and it went away after a month or so due to a new driver. I have a 1 year replacemnt warrenty so I might wait for a driver or go ahead and send it off. Thanks! Also if you find any problem such as this please put it in the thread. i will probably send this off Monday.
  42. Ok I will send it back monday when i get my rma code.
  43. This is a heat issue. THe fan on the 8800GT will idle at 29%. Driver issue, you need to use ntune or another program to increase teh fan speed. also check your temps. You have not posted any temp readings as far as My less than eye sight read down this thread. You should be around 50 degree celcius on idle and around 70 during gameplay.

    Older games (dx9) seem to heat up a card more than the dx10. Thats why it seems to work with newer games and not the older ones. THe heat geenrated is less. If you dont fix it, the card will die unless its already too late.
  44. ITS BRAND NEW. i will increse it more. temp 50 idle
  45. Yeah it's not memory, but IMO it is something hardware as it doesn't look like a driver bug, but then again it doesn't look like anything I've seen before.

    RMAing it is a good strategy, if it is heat, it doesn't look like a GPU heat issue to me so much as a heat issue in something like a capacitor or something else, but it doesn't look like an overheating GPU.
  46. It is not overheating. most games not optimized for vista have artifacting. Obilvion runs fine and its XP. However I canceled my RMA. i will resubmit saturday if tech support can't help or you guys. Any guess on what it mightbe. I tried underclocking to no effect.Its not memory as you said.
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