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I used Messenger since it was invented - it smoothly and without problems connected me to my friends and family members.
Ever since WIndows forced the "Live" update on my messenger, I got one error after the next, could not use it, needed to fiddle around with the registry, that ended up leading to more problems.
I have finally given up, uninstalled Windows messenger and installed the Yahoo Messenger instead. Even though I was never a fan of Yahoo - I found out that it is actually great since it is "compatible" with the Windows messenger!!! and I can again communicate with all my friends and finally without the headache of annoying error messages!!
I use Yahoo, my friends use Windows Messenger and it works perfectly - I am totally amazed and finally found "my fix to the Live messenger error problem"

Maybe this helps someone else too!
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  1. YM has its own set of bugs. Wait! :)
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