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Hi im a bit of a noob when it comes to anti virus etc software and id like to ask the following questions which will probably seem dead set obvious to you veterans:

I currently have windows xp on an old desktop and vista on a semi old laptop on both computers the only security features are:

1. windows defender
2. AVG anti virus free
3. windows firewall
4. netgear modem router firwalls

im not sure if this is adequate protection or not, if anyone could suggest software (preferably free / opensource) i need to use to gain better protection if needed, or change current installations thatd be awesome

thanks alot
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  1. sorry forgot to add, the liter the program the better, ive used things like trend micro in the past and they hog my resources too much
  2. 1--Change the firewall, as the Windows one works in only one direction. Use Comodo (firewall feature only, not the suite) ZoneAlarm or Outpost

    On a regular schedule, maybe weekly or if things are acting strangely, scan with the free MBAM

    2--AVG hogs too. Use the free Avira or free Avast.
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