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hi i just put my computer togather and haveing a problem.I got a new case psu and motherboard and transfered all the other parts from my old computer.My computer locked up going into windows.So i reinstalled windows xp,windows formatted my harddrive fine but cant load certain files to my harddrive probably about 1/3 of them.I tried my second copy of windows xp and stops at the same files.Do i have a bad harddrive (1 yr old seagate) or faulty windows disc (1 windows xp pro and 1 windows xp home) or the new motherboard?I'm leaning towards the harddrive.

Clear pc microcase
silenx 400watt psu
abit nvidia 7050 micro atx
amd 4600 x2
2gb adata ddr2 800
xfx 7950gt
250 gb seatgate sata hd
pioneer dvd burner
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  1. Does your motherboard require the loading of raid drivers for your SATA drive? I have an Asrock board that required the drivers even though I am not running a raid configuration. Normally, this comes up as a prompt to press F6 (I think...) right before windows xp starts loading setup files.
    If you have another computer handy, I would also look at taking that hard drive and hook it up to the other computer and run a checkdisk on it to make sure it's ok.
  2. Exchange your DVD burner and the data connection cable of it and try again, if it's still stop st the same file then try a low level format of your hard drive...
  3. I do have a new sata dvd player, i tried windows again with the raid drivers and it stop loading differant going to try a differant dvd drive next.
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