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Hey I'm new to the forums here but alot of my friends are telling me to post my computer problem here i have been playing crysis for some time now and i think my computer is getting to the point where it will die the said thing is i have had this computer for 4 mouths now and when i play the sound distorts and makes choppy sounds when there is gun fire cars driving by. BUT when the nuke goes of its all down hill.

Crysis keeps crashing over and over and over and physical shut downs but not all the time. My computer specs are good but its not working out so well with crysis. in crysis im running at 1680x1050 res medium settings and no AA.

My computer components are a e6600@2.4/ 4gb of DDR2 1066 OCZ nvidea sli/ 8800gts 640 never been OC/ and a new GA-P35C-DS3R motherboard. Also a 650W antec blue power with one 250 gb HD and vista 32 bit premium i also have 14 fans in my computer thats all the fans.

Need help or maybe a shopping list will do. what do i need to run crysis max on a 22" res
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  1. If you are getting crashes online then welcome to online gaming. I have played GRAW 1 & 2 for over a year now online and I still crash from time to time. Newer games will crash more because the Dev's need to patch it up, as the game gets older it shouldn't crash as much.
  2. I would think that your computer should be able to run Crysis without crashing.

    With 14 fans in the case, maybe your power supply is choking. lol
    The airflow could be bad if the 14 fans are not moving the air correctly out of the case.
    You could try playing Crysis with the case open and see what happens.
    Your system could still be overheating even with 14 fans.
    I would take out all unnecesary fans and then just add one or two to blow on the video card.
    You could also try a smaller screen resolution to see what happens.
    Also use a memory tester program; go to the OZC forum and check into it.
    Is your motherboard BIOS up to date?

    But I think the problem is with Vista video card driver and/or sound card driver.
    Try updating your O/S, DirectX and hardware drivers.
  3. i'd look at your PSU, i had a problem a while back where the psu wasnt supplying the amps need for the card to run (it kept dipping below the req amount. although its a 650w maybe its not running stable supplying them

    i run mine 1680x1050 on vista x64
  4. Try disabling your sound in the game, turn it off, say you have no sound, don't just turn the volume down. If it keeps crashing then you have other issues. Are you overclocking? If so how good is your CPU/GPU/NB cooling situation? If it's your sound, then upgrade your sound drivers. Or buy a off-board sound card and try again.

    No One can run max in Crysis. No one. No matter if your rig has ALL the best and 2 vid cards etc. Try to run it a BIT less demanding and see if that helps. You got some nice stuff, but it isn't even close to top notch.
  5. Sounds like a onboard sound issue. Conumdrum has the right order. I'd also turn down the setting.
  6. YA I had two crashes today and i think its heat i may be wrong but it was blowing out hot air at over 90 oF. No im not overclocking i don't know how to but with the proccesor ya. but where the fans are should not be a problem one pci fan on the 8800 and two in the front one in the back one on the side three small ones on the ram etc... here is a pic.
    there old but all its missing is the ram fan and the two gb of ram.

  7. Update your drivers (Sound and Video) to the latest and check with us again to see how it goes.
  8. i updates my drivers to 169.09 and it still did it audiodrivers have no updates.
  9. I believe there is / was a problem with SLI setups. Disable the SLI and just run from one card and turn down your settings... see if that does anything.
  10. im not running sli with video cards.
  11. ok well i dont have water cooling so i opened my window lol i got my room and case to about 60 degrees and it ran crysis on high wiht no aa and 22" res it only had lag when the nukes went off funny thing is it crashed when the audio was on in the game so i mute the audio turn off the in game audio and it did not lag out. now i will try it with out the 60 degree case.
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