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Hy guys,
I'm not sure i posted in the right place, but here it goes: i have a issue with speedfan 4.47. Ever since i installed comodo firewall i noticed that at a certain interval (about a week) speedfan tries to connect to some ip address (, which i dont want it to do.
If i dont let speedfan connect the following things happed: it will not let me minimize the window, it does not display any information in the windows right of the Readings window (meaning Clock, Info, etc, see picture). Also the options to control the fans from the Readings window is blank (also picture). Everything else is ok. No change if i reinstall or restart speedfan. I I looked through the options of speedfan and i could not find any update settings. I have winxp and win7 installed and it does the same thing on boths os.
I have found only one solution (other then let it connect), that is to restore the speedfan window and then minimize it, but i would have to do this each time i start my pc (since speedfan is set to open at startup minimized). I think that the update is keeping part of the window vizible, and will not let me minimize it, since it thinks that it is allready minimized, and even though some options are not vizible it does not have any effect on the functionality of speedfan.

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  1. If you do not like Speedfan "phoning home" then stop using it or complain to Almico.com.
  2. Dear

    Kindly I ask your attention.

    Copy this link into your browser:


    There you will find enough links to go for.
    Ask the firm of the software about it.

    Hopefully I let you know enough and that you will find the answers you seek!

    Best Regards,

  3. I allready checked, it looks like it could be a proxy provided by akamai, but want i want to know is how to stop speedfan from updating all together.
  4. Only Almico.com can answer that question.
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