Problems opening internet explorer and windows explorer

can anyone help internet explorer wont open and windows explorer giving problems as well done virus scan spyware nothing came back this is the error amgetting

adrgipghze54argdf has encountered a problem and needs to close and allso windows explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close

error signature
appver.1515.8784.0.8156 modname.unknown
modver.0.0.0 offset.240f7c2a
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  1. troke said:

    ^^ This is the name in the error message?

    If yes, that sounds like malware for sure. Boot into safe mode with networking (F8 on startup). Download, install, and update malwarebytes. Do a full system scan.
  2. I agree with aford10. Just in case you are not fimiliar with the Malwarebytes program, follow these directions to download malwarebytes from the legitimate site and perform aford10's suggestion

    Restart your computer in 'Safe Mode with Networking Support'.
    (To do this: Power on your computer and start tapping the F8 key at the top of your keyboard rapidly until the Windows Start Menu appears. Then select the Safe Mode with Networking Support menu option and press the Enter key)

    Open your web browser and go to

    Download their free malwarebytes program from their main page

    Install the program on your computer and run it.

    Update the Malwarebytes program and do a full scan.
    (You may be asked to restart. Do so, but use F8 key to return to Safe Mode)

    Let us know the results of the scan and whether or not any symptoms persist and we will troubleshoot deeper.

  3. hi guys i tried that it dod find a few viruses it removed some but still getting the same problem internet explorer wont load up tried sfc scannow,any other ideas
  4. windows explorer is working ok its only ie 7 giving me the problems
  5. i tried that already
  6. ie 7 wont even start
  7. What happens when you try to open IE?

    Do you get the same result in safe mode with networking?
  8. one sec let me try one sec
  9. still the same cant start ie 7 in safe mode with networking
  10. Was the reinstall of IE successful? And you still get this? In normal windows, do you get an error box, saying IE can't open, or do you get the white browser page saying it can't connect to the webpage?

    Have you tried Firefox?
  11. strange thing is i am not getting no error message or nothing nothing does not open at all
  12. If you've already tried downloading and reinstalling IE, try this.
  13. If IE7 doesn't launch when you attempt to open it, then you can try logging on as the Administrator and make sure your normal user account is a Power User or an Administrator account. If your account is already an administrative account, try creating a new profile with administrative rights and see if it works in the new profile.
  14. tried that no joy,are there any tools that can repair ie7 or is there a ref fix that can also
  15. The fix is to reinstall it. Try changing the extension from .exe to .com.

    Have you tried using Firefox?
  16. aford10 said:
    If you've already tried downloading and reinstalling IE, try this.

    Try what aford10 suggests!
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