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Hi, I just bought and AMD 5600 2.8Ghz, also I have upgrade my PSU, now I have an Corsair 550 PSU, my cpu cooler is a zalman 9500 am2, so I was reading on the web and I see some people reach 3.0 ghz with the same processor I have, so I was wondering if someone could help me to reach that goal. I have read some guides to overclock, but I dont understand it very much, it is only need to raise the fsb?? what do I have to care about, also I have read that the HT Link must be on 1000 Mhz or around, and some says that they have to change the HT multiplier to 4x... so whats that?? it is a must to do that? also I`ve seen in CPU-Z that my memory is runing at 624 Mhz, that results because my cpu use a divider of 9 so ... 2808/9 = 312, but my ram is a kingston and is 667 mhz, so why my ram is running slowe??? what can I do about that! Please help me with this questions and also to overclock my cpu.
Thanks in advance

My specs:

Asus M2N32 SLI Deluxe WE
AMD 5600 2.8 Ghz
BFG 8800 GTS 512
2 GB Kingston 667 Mhz
Corsair 550 PSU
Zalman 9500 AM2
Windows Vista x64
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  1. For your CPU, which has a locked multiplier, the only way to OC is to increase the memory speed.

    Changing the memory speed will also increase your HT at the same time.

    As for your ram, 312x2=624 which is DDR, so its reading correctly.

    For example

    If you are running your CPU at stock and decide to increase your memory by 5mhz, your HT will change from 1000 to 1010(I could be wrong on the number), and your CPU will increase clock speed based on your memory speed x multiplier(9 or 9.5 I think).
    This is the basics to OCing the CPU
    Very few motherboards can sustain HT above 1000, so in order to continue OCing without going over HT 1000; you must simply lower your HT multiplier from 5x to 4(This will lower the HT below 1000). Once you lower it, continue to OC your memory. Remember your HT link has been reduced below 1000 and you can OC until you reach 1000 again.

    If you can push your memory further with no overheating issues/stability, you can lower your HT link again(4x to 3x) and continue to push your CPU.

    Remember to check your CPU temps AND memory stability. Ram does overheat. You might need to get DDR2 800 .
  2. Thanks for the advice.. so what do I need to do is to overclock the RAM ok? and so how do I do that? I think I just needed to raise the fsb.. well, so can you or anybody please tell me how to oc the ram? Other question if I set the HT multiplier to 4 this will reduce my system performance?? and if the HT goes up 1000 or more this will damage something. Please help how to oc the ram , yes I need ddr2 800, my 667 ram isnt running at that speed, is lower than that ... so please help!
  3. you said your ram was running at 312mhz which is 624mhz DDR. Your CPU does not run exactly at 667mhz I believe. So 624mhz is completely normal. Raising the FSB will OC your ram.

    Setting the HT to 4x will reduce HT performance but remember as you OC the ram the HT will return to 1000Mhz as you OC your ram(thats the point). Overall you will receive a higher clocked CPU.

    HT past 1000 is difficult on the mobo so I do not recommend going above that. My mobo couldn't handle 5mhz above 1000. Remember that you can't OC without lowering your HT below the threshold. As you OC you will reach 1000 again and if you wish to OC even further you will have to reduce your HT 4x->3x and get better ram.
  4. Well I have oc my cpu at 3.00 Ghz, I put the HT multiplier 4. raise the fsb to 250, and set the cpu multiplier to 12, so -------> 12 x 250 = 3000 Mhz, then 250 x 4(HT Multiplier) = 1000 Mhz (HT Link).
    Now I have my ram runnig at 375 Mhz , so it would be 750 Mhz.
    Now Im running prime 95, and so far It didnt give me any error, but it just began. The max temp it reach is 57 C Degrees, is it ok?
  5. Well, before on the last post I forgot to say that the vcore I was using was 1.39V; now I managed to put it on 1.34V and it runs stable, run prime95 for 4 hours without errors, and the max temp it reach was 54°C; on 3dmark 06 I get a score of 10561 points, is it OK for my system?? the 8800 gts I have is easy to overclock?
  6. Good job man, everything sounds stable to me!

  7. thanks!! thanks for the help, now Im overcloking my 8800 gts, hopefully I will get some boost in games
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