Need help building.. are these specs ok?

Hey guys, I'm new here and I'd like to build a new computer.
But... I'm not sure if these specs are good or not. Need input please :)

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

MoBo: EVGA nForce 680i SLi (A1 version because it can be optimized for quad-core)

Case: Antec 900

Video Card: My old one (7900GS) until I get 2 nice new ones that can play Crysis :D

Power Supply: Thermaltake toughpower 750

Fan: Freezer Pro 7 (Do I even need this with the Antec 900's huge 200mm fan?)

RAM: Crucial's Ballistix PC2-6400

Hard drive: WD7500AAKS or maybe my old one, or WD2500KS

As I said, I need input. I'm kind of new to this stuff.
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  1. Jesus, save yourself some money and buy the Q6600. You pay a serious premium by buying bleeding edge technology.
  2. The Power Supply that comes with your cases probably isnt a very good one. Like dmroeder said, buy a Q6600 and save yourself some cash for a good PS and Video Card
  3. Well, I don't plan on building it too soon, but how long do you think it will take for the price to drop?

    edit: lemme check the power supply, i'll be back.
  4. Q6600, 2x8800GT.WD7500AAKS,PC2-6400
  5. aevm said:
    Q6600, 2x8800GT.WD7500AAKS,PC2-6400

    TWO 8800GT's? That's not happening, I don't think. Or am I misinterpreting you?
    Oh, and I think that's a good hard drive, and good ram. I'll have to look at the price for those

    The case says it comes with an "iGreen Power EMI 600W" power supply
  6. Why not... If you drop the $1000 CPU and get a $300 Q6600 instead, you've got plenty of money for a second 8800GT. Besides, why did you pick the eVGA SLI board if you don't want SLI? SLI means 2 video cards, btw.

    OK, if you're sure you only want one video card, you can save a bunch by getting a GA-P35-DS3R instead of that eVGA motherboard.

    What is your screen resolution? If it's 1920x1200 or more then SLI would be useful. Otherwise it's usually a waste.

    The 750GB Caviar uses perpendicular recording, it's much faster than the smaller Caviars.

    No idea about the iGreen. If you want to play it safe get a case without a PSU (Antec 900, for example) and a high-quality PSU (Silencer 610W, Corsair 520HX or 550VX or 620HX).

    RAM: here's a great deal:
  7. Allright, I think you convinced me... I think I'll be getting the Q6600 and an SLI enabled motherboard (the eVGA)because I WILL be upgrading this in the future.

    My friend, Silverion77 on this forum, has the Antec 900. It seems like a well cooled case, but he says he hated cable management, which was what made me opt for another case. I will consider getting it though.

    I'll be back with the screen resolution.

    Power supply... Hmmm. The Silencer seems like a good choice, but I am not sure if I need that much power. Once again, Silverion77 has the Corsair...550 I believe, which may also be a better choice.

    Oh and thanks for the RAM.

    Btw, I'm not so...uninformed that I don't know what SLI is. :)

    pricetag so far is... around 1300. I would prefer it to be a little lower. The GFX cards are what killed it.
  8. You don't need SLI....I have an SLI board for future proofing, but I doubt I will ever run 2 video cards. A single 8800GT is fine.
  9. I have a question...
    Do the 2 cards have to be the same to be able to use SLI?
    Or can I use my existing 7900 GS with another card and use the SLI capabilities?
  10. Cards in SLI have to be the same, or at least the same model. For example you can combine an 8800GT made by eVGA with one made by BFG, even if they have different frequencies. At least that's the theory. Personally I'd very much prefer to get identical cards than trust this claim from nVidia. You can only combine a 7900GS with another 7900GS.

    Sorry about that SLI thing, didn't mean any offense. You said you were kind of new to this sort of thing.

    One 8800GT alone will do very nicely for now, no worries. You will get 17 fps in Crysis at 1280x1024 with all settings maxed, for example. Lower some eye candy and it's going to be fine.

    If you are sure you will add a second video card later, it's worth buying a bigger PSU now that can handle 2 video cards. This way you don't have to throw it out next year, you know... The Corsair 550VX is a great PSU, and it will do well with a quad and an 8800GT, but when you add the second video card it will be a bit too much for it IMO. Even if it can handle it, it will be very close to the limit and that means lower efficiency (heat, fan noise, hgher electricity bills, yuck...)
  11. Darn...
    Well, I guess I'll get one video card for now and a bigger PSU. How's 600W sound?
  12. A GOOD 600W PSU (e.g. Corsair 620HX or Silencer 610W) can handle that system with both cards, as long as you don't exaggerate with lots of fans, disks, overclocking, etc. Not all 600W PSUs are equal (some have 600W max at room temperature, some have 600W continuous and 700W max at 50 degrees, it's a big difference.) I'd play it safe and get a Silencer 750W Quad or a Toughpower 750W. That gives you room to add whatever you please and keeps usage in the maximum efficiency zone too.

    Silencer 610, $120
    620HX, $150
    Silencer 750, $170
    Toughpower 750, $130 after mail rebate

    The ToughPower and HX are Tier 2 products (i.e. very good, recommended if Tier 1 is not available or too expensive). The Silencer is Tier 1.
  13. I think I'll go with the toughpower 750W, especially since it has a mail-in rebate. Plus, it has the advantage of being modular.
    If for some reason I can't get it, I'll have to go with the Silencer 610 unless the Antec 900's fans require a lot of power(which i doubt).

    Should I use my old 250GB HD? I believe it's SATA. Or should I use the WD2500KS? I don't really need 750GB now.

    Another question...
    Do I really need a CPU fan, or should I just save some money using the stock one?

    Last Question...
    The motherboard comes in several different "flavors"... A1, T1, AR, TR or SE
    Which one should I get?
  14. Fans don't consume that much, say 7 or 8 W for a 120 mm fan.

    Most recent motherboards offer support for 2 IDE devices. When you decide on a mobo check specs to see if it does this. An IDE disk will be slower and the wider IDE cable may block the airflow a bit, but it should be OK to use it.

    Stock will be fine, since you haven't mentioned overclocking.

    The A1 is the best, but I can't find it at newegg any more. You could get this one instead:
    ASUS P5N32-E SLI Plus
    It supports two IDE devices and runs two video cards at x16 each. A bit expensive but the eVGA was even more.
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