Please recommend software for imaging a dynamic drive in SBS 2003

Please recommend software for imaging a dynamic drive in SBS 2003.

I am posting this in the Windows XP section because XP Pro is widely used as the workstation O/S for Server 2003, so I know some of you know the answer to this. My Norton Ghost 11.5 (which I use all the time for XP workstations) doesn't seem to want to deal with the Server's dynamic drive.

Thanks for any input!
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  1. Hi Tilweh,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    The only thing that might possibly make me a 'pro' is 24 years in the IT game, but we all know how fast things change in this game. I am still learning something new everyday and I am sure there is lots that other people such as yourself know that I have not experienced. This field is so large that it is impossible to know it all, and I lay no claim to that.

    That is what seems to be great about this forum. In my daily life, local networ admins and IT people are guarded about their practices and methods because of competition. Here their are people from all over who are willing to impart ideas and knowledge.

    Take my question for this thread for example. For Servers, I perform a daily data backup and a monthly ASR Backup. To minimize downtime in case of a hard drive RAID array failure, I will create a 'standby' drive for the Server. I do this by breaking my mirror and then replacing one of the hard drives in my mirror and resyncing. This gives me a ready to go drive, locked away and ready to put in the computer in the event of total RAID failure. However, this means I have an extra hard drive dedicated to every server. I would like to image the drive to DVD instead but have never taken the time to research it. I am hoping the forum would bring out recommendations like your post that will hasten my search for a dependable product. I always like soemthing tried and true.

    Appreciate the suggestions!

  3. Thanks graywolf!
  4. Will look for you there. I'm Foxy.
  5. graywolf said:
    Will look for you there. I'm Foxy.

    Yes, but what is your username there? :)
  6. :kaola: Foxy.
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