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So quick question for you folks. I have a work computer I am trying to solve an issue with (Our IT guy is a remote technician, and is unavailable for awhile). It seems like there is a straight-forward solution, but I am missing it.

The computer in question is running on Windows Vista. I am unable to open .exe files unless I specifically right click on the object and select 'run as administrator'.

If I try going into properties and selecting "Run this program as administrator" it still does not work. I went into regedit and ensured that the .exe/ Default was set to exefile, but cannot think of what else I might have to do.

I am sure I will be embarassed when you tell me.
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  1. Hi. Has you user profile been set up as administrator? If not your computer may have been set up to deny automatic access to the exe. files
  2. No, it is the limited account. However the limited account has always had .exe capability. It is only after I took a 3-day weekend that the computer has been experiencing this issue.
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