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After virus recovery of files

Hello,I picked up a virus from a fake FEDEX e-mail. I used malwarebytes and McAfee scans to clear the virus but I still can't open any of my files. e.g documents, photos, etc. System restore got my desktop back and I can work on the Internet but still no files.
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  2. When I used unhide.exe, it did not unhide all the folders/ files. This method does not unhide all of them, but makes them visable. Go to Control Panel then to Folder Options. On the view tab click them bullet stating "Show Hidden Files and Folders" You may want to manually change them back to visible later though.
  3. your PC is still infected ... install avast antivirus... update virus definitions, close all the programs and other things and start scanning your PC...! Delete all the viruses from the computer after scanning..!
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