Itunes syncing problem with old Ipod

I have a new-to-me first generation Ipod shuffle. And itunes on my laptop. I can put music on OK, my problem is, I want to delete the music from the Itunes library without having it taken off the ipod. Supposedly when I have it plugged in, and go to the Device Summary, there should be an option to check, "Manually manage music and videos". Well, that option is not there. All the "help" I find on the web and in Itunes assumes that option is there.

I only have a 20GB laptop so I can't be filling it up with music. The music came from CDs anyway so I don't need duplicates.
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  1. In options under itunes, you can select it to "prevent ipods, ipads and iphones syncing automatically". That might help you.
  2. I do not have Options on my Itunes page. File, Edit, View, Controls, Store, Advanced, Help. Looked in all of them.
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    It's under Edit > Preferences. Go to the Devices section.
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  5. thank you! that did it.
  6. You're welcome!
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