Q6600 Corroded !

I got my new GA-X38-DQ6 last night and my new G-Skill 2Gbx2 DDR2 1066 "which feaking rocks!! Awsome Memory" and when I was doing all the switching and what not. I noticed that my Q6600 on the bottome had a little corrosion on a couple of the pins!! I had been having stability issues and thought that my other Mother Board was going out and I think this might have been the issue the whole darn time. I'm guessing my sweaty hands did this the last time I messed with it. I took a wash rag and wiped it off real good and for the most part it looked like I got most of it off but, I have never seen that before. I just wanted to see what people here thought of this, weird occurance. I will say this though on a side not again I say that freaking memory kicks arse. I had it jacked up to 1180 and only had 1.86v~ running through it because when I frst plugged it in and let the system take care of everything it gave it the riht amount but when I went to tweak the settings it dropped it and I didn't pay attention until later and was like WOW!! That is some pretty damn mean memory and at tight timings to 5,5,5,15,,, Any way post away with your feelings please. Have you ever had a processor get corroded like that on you?
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  1. What did the corrosion look like? Green? White dots? Discoloring?
  2. Discoloring like a darker color then the rest of the copper dots under there, know what I mean. It wasn't like green every where or nothing but, I could see where it was deffinatley darker then the resy of the surfice area down there and I was getting serious stability issues right before I made the switch and noticed it. It came right off with a dry rag. I was thinking almost rust color there ya go that should give good mental pic.
  3. Ah yes, I know exactly what you mean. After all, mine had few of those when I first got the Q6600. I didn't have any issues though, glad it worked out for you in the end.
  4. You say when you first got it it looked liked that? That's crazy I think it is from normal sweat oil whatever you want to call it from hands,, that's what it looked like would have caused it any way. I am having an issue with my retail 250gb hard drive staying in raid now..... I am going to throw it through a damn wall,, It dropped my perfectly setup and tweaked install... One is a non retail and the other is retail. Ever since I have bought the retail version now mind you this is the third one I have had this dropping raid issue with it paired with my non retail version,, grrr.. I am bout to go buy another retail version one and see if it happens again and if it drops again through the wall lol :P. I will call western digital tomorrow and see what they think.. Hopefully they say here is the firmware to flash the old one to be happy or vise versa I don't care.

    P.S. I have already flashed the non retail to their ks version so , it is not that not only that you can here the retail one clocking loud and scary like when it decides to drop.
  5. I only had a little dark discoloring on. Besides, it still works well.

    I believe you are not supposed to touch the under side of the cpu at all, hence the black protector thingy. So why on earth did you touch it?

    Raid, ack those are nightmares sometimes. What kind of Raid are you doing? 0 I presume.
  6. Yes nothing special just 0. As far as me touching it, I don't know why :P. I must have not been paying attention to what I was grabbing when lapping is my guess. I never had any issues with my last raid setup which was a 160Gb and the no retail 250Gb :P. Now I get two closer to eachother and they don't like eachother.
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