Timings and Voltage for 2GB Crucial Ballistix 1066

I have a GA-P35-DS3R mobo, and a Q6600 that I will overclock to ~3.0Ghz. Can someone please recommend voltages and timings for the Ballisitix I have? They are PC2-8500. It is odd though, that cpuz recognizes them as PC2-6400 at 400Mhz. Thanks.
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  1. 2.2v at 533MHz is the suggested ratings. Mine run at 533 4-4-4-12 or 400 3-3-3-6 with 2.25v though
  2. I don't want to start another thread, so I'll ask this question here. Does it matter if I run them in single channel or dual channel?
  3. Your mobo should automatically run them in dual shouldn't it? But no, there should be no discernible performance difference.
  4. It depends what slots you put them in.
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