PSU question for future rig

Hey guys, I am building a new computer and was wondering if the Cosair 550watt psu will be enough ( ).

I do plan on overclocking the system. =)

Atm my specs are the

processor - Q9450

mobo - Asus p5k-e

memory - 4x1 gb patriot 6400 (2.2v each)

gpu - BFG 8800gt oc

hd - 500 gb WD

case - antec nine hundred

any feedback would be much appreciative

thank you
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  1. Should be fine. The 8800GT isn't a power hog, and you're only running one of them. Nice rig.
  2. Yup it will work fine. Ditto the nice rig!
  3. cool, Thanks you guys. Now i just gota find where i can get it the cheapest :bounce:

    hmm does anyone know if i'm in the clear if i use the 450 corsair psu
  4. Should not be a problem. However, you can get a 550vx for just a few bucks more in most places. Better bargain.
  5. Should still be ok as the 450 has 33amp on the 12v rail and 8800GT not being a power hog and being a 45nm cpu you should be fine.

    newegg have the 550W for $100

    Id still get the 550W though
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