8800GT with a DuOrb Pics

I bought a Thermaltake DuOrb for my very hot 8800GT (idled at 50c) It fit very well I ended up using some thumb screws I had from something else and a second set of washers. I used the set of washers that came with the DuOrb on the top of the board to fill the gap between the hex stands and the board to my amazement they were the perfect size. It meant I could tighten the thumbs screwes all the way tight with out worrying about damaging or tweaking the board. I installed it back into my computer and now she idles at 34c that just shows you how bad the stock cooler is. I will get some loaded temps later tonight.

Here are a couple of pics.

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  1. 34C? Are you sure???
  2. right now i am just surfing the net it is running and I checked it is at 37c so it maybe a little higher than I originally posted but I have seen it at 34c
  3. I love the PC7, I just did a build with one this past month. Truly a wonderful case.
  4. 50c is not hot... my 7800gt used to idle at 50c... and would get 85c+ at load.
  5. Wow, nice. I just wish I wasn't so weary about putting in third party cooling.
  6. no 50c isn't that hot my old 7900GT idled close to there but mid 30's is a lot better it will also add headroom for overclocking.

    I love the case I just happened to stumble across it at microcenter they had the V1000 (I think) it was like ~270 and when I was looking I seen they had one of these but none on display so i busted out the iPhone and got on there website and checked it out. You can not beat a all aluminum case that is extremely well built for 120 bucks.
  7. Alot of people are using aftermarket cooling on their 8800GT's. Zalmam's VF900, FC-ZV9, VF1000, and the DuOrb which seems to be the most popular at the moment. The HR-03GT came out today I believe (made for the 8800GT but HUGE).
    I'm going to be trying the VF900 myself, just ordered it today. Here's a guide I found:

  8. Does DuORB fit on 8800GTX?
  9. I actually own a VF900 (thats what the thumb screws are from) I just like the fact that the DuOrb will have way more air flowing over the board and ram sinks.

    Did you buy extra ram sinks? The VF-900 doesn't come with enough for the 8800GT
  10. yes the directions say it will fit on the 8800GTX
  11. Cool probably gonna get it
  12. http://www.thermaltake.com/product/Cooler/VGAnCHIPnMEM/CL-G0102/cl-g0102.asp
    I would of went with this but the dual-fans won't fit in my case.
  13. Kewl stuff.
  14. it would not fit? it is not any bigger than a 8800GTS or GTX or do you mean you have a card right in front of the graphics card.
  15. scemracing said:
    it would not fit? it is not any bigger than a 8800GTS or GTX or do you mean you have a card right in front of the graphics card.

    No I can't use the DuOrb. I have a mid-tower BTX case (Dell) that the card just fits under the cpu fan/heatsink assemble. The VF900 will fit but the dual-fans won't.
  16. Yea, the stock cooler on the 8800GT isn't too good. After replacing the stock cooler with a koolance GPU-180 waterblock on the core and slapping on some ramsinks on the memory modules, my temperature fell from 52 C idle to 34 C idle. It's still 34 C idle when I overclocked my core to 750MHz from its stock 675MHz (eVGA 8800GT KO)!!

  17. wierd I have a VF-900 and it about the same thickness as the duOrb maybe I just don't understand how the inside of your case looks.
  18. scemracing said:
    wierd I have a VF-900 and it about the same thickness as the duOrb maybe I just don't understand how the inside of your case looks.

    This is someone else's system with an XFX 8800GT in it, but I have the same system and only difference is I have an eVGA 8800GT. I don't own a digital camera but you'll get the drift:

  19. you guys know how the duorb comes with a 4pin molex which plugs straight to PSU can i get a 4pin to 3pin wire coverter and then stick the 3pin into the gfx card, then would i be able to control the fan speeds with ntune or rivatuner or expertool and son on? I was also thinking of gettign a fan controller for front of my case, http://www.crazypc.com/products/logisys-fp201bk-82993BK.html

    would it be able to be controlled using that?
  20. I got to say the Duoorb was worth it! I installed it yesturday on my Geforce 8800GT 512mb sfx and it actualy is very quite,

    Old tempretures using stock whilst playing FSX: up to 68C (very noisy fan)
    New tempretres using duorb whilst playing fsx: up to 50c (ultra quite)

    it fits perfectly but this is very important:
    the duorb comes with 8 screws, "you'd think wow they gave me more screws
    just in case I lose some", NO NO NO NO NO (they're diffrent) 4 screws are for diffrent card types and 4 are for 8800GT, I used the wrong ones at first and then realised the cooler wasn't touching my graphic chip. it's difficult to notice only few milimeters up, but when I used the right screws (which has smaller spacings) then it worked fine.

    Should I get one?
    Unless you don't want the noise yes, but the stock can cool it just as good but you'll have to download the ntune and increase the speed of the fan, probably with loader volume you won't here the noisy stock fan but for me £30 was worth getting one because it's an expensive card and I just like silence.

    what's good?
    does what it says, reduces heat at very low noise, cool looking and with lights.

    what's bad?
    the memory heatsinks don't glue very well, I used superglue instead.
    could be better with a fan speed controller. could do with more detailed instructions.
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