Q6600 wont OC past 3.2

I'm having trouble getting my Q6600 past 3.2ghz. I have upped the voltage to 1.49 in the bios which is as far as I felt like going. It wont boot past the bios. It stops right before the bios shows the memory timings. I have done a little messing around with my ram setting it to 1000 and putting the timings to 6-6-6-20 at 2.0V. Thanks.

System Specs:
EVGA 780i mobo, Q6600 CPU, EVGA 8800GTS G92 512MB, 4GB G-skill DDR2 800
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  1. It's most likely your ram. Set the fsb to ram ratio to 1:1, which is also known as 2x system memory multiplier. Set timings to 5-5-5-15 or higher.
  2. ::Chuckles!:: I Love it. Umm, at least its not the chipset this time hating on q6600s as usual. Did you have some sort of OC goal in mind already? Did you know if its a g0 or b3 q6600? That will make a difference on this board, big time. It has a very large vdroop, so that forces you to up the voltage via the bios.

    Load Core temp 0.96.1 while having the voltages and junk on auto, so its factory speeds. Make sure speed step is disabled! Then note the VID and stepping/revision of your quad. (To make sure, after looking, go back to your OC settings and see if it changes, some peoples systems the VID changes based on your voltage settings. On all of mine, it never changes.)

    Either way, you shouldnt need 1.49 in the bios for 3.2. But if you have a 1.3250 VID processor and its a b3, welp... that way you might!

  3. Its a G0. Default settings are 1.24V vcore, 1.2V fsb, 800mhz ram, 1066mhz cpu. When I load core temp the VID shows 1.300.

    With my stable OC of 3.2 settings are 1.3373V vcore, 1.4V fsb, 1066mhz ram, and 1422mhz cpu clocks. Core temp shows 1.300 like default. Both default and OC ram timings were 5-5-5-15-2T.

    My OC goal was idealy 3.6 but most likely wont hit that due to temps so I'd settle for 3.4 right now until i can affort to water cool it.
  4. What kind of cooling do you have for it now. I have to admit, the TRUE lives up to its reputation, and beats my koolance water cooling case! I am gonna check right now, but I think you need a higher VCore setting. I think it automatically takes away like a whole step. 1.5 will be under 1.4 in windows, and lower by .06 under load.

    I will take a peek and see right now, I am at stock settings and gonna OC to 3.2, and see how it shows voltages, its a weird board!

  5. Now that I looked, 1.380 is about what you'll get with that 1.49 in the bios when its under load. And it takes my VID 1.3125 B3 processor a minimum of 1.350 to be stable at 3220 Mhz. Thats 1.4625 in the Bios.

    As you know, they all are different, but I would say you need 1.5250 in the bios, which will be 1.472 in windows, and was 1.408 under load to get 3.4ish. Give it a shot and lower the voltage a notch if its stable at those settings, then test again, until ya get the magic notch!

    The board has a high v droop, and that isnt good for higher OCs. It starts out at .06! Isnt that alot? You'll notice it at higher speeds.

    Oh, and keep your mem at default settings until you get a stable processor OC, and then adjust your mem. One at a time and you will know what is causing the problems, as long as you start from a stable point!!

    Have fun and good Luck! I think I have decided to return this board, completely. To much hassle, though the SLI is what I liked! But I can OC one Ultra and toss it in a p5k-e and get a higher speed with less temps and voltage, because its vdroop is .02 up till at least 3.6 voltages.

  6. I use the Zalman 9500 right now. I hope to get a DangerDen kit in the near future. I was going to get a different board but I got this one for when the 9xxx series graphics cards come out and possibly doing a double or maybe triple :) SLI which pry is overkill anyways. Ill try knocking the ram back to stock and run up the vcore some more. Thanks.
  7. I set the ram to optimal settings and put the clock back to 800 stock. I set the vcore all the way up to 1.5V for a 3.3 clock and still wouldnt boot past the bios.
  8. I would guess its another issue. Usually if it doesnt post, its something else. The processor at that voltage should have posted just dandy!

    I dont know how familiar you are with junk, but I could tell you what to disable and all that. I didnt see anything about your bios settings, besides for alot on auto! Gotta disable all the processor options, speedstep, vanderpool, disable bit, all of it. (not internal cache!)
    Gotta disable all the spread spectrum junk, especially the CPU. Up the CPU FSB to its max of 1.5... Damn, I will have to shut down to look at the others, hehe! 780i likes to call things by weird names.

  9. Well I'm up with 3.4ghz and 1.4v in the bios. I had to set my ram to sync mode and this way it boots instead of running it at 1066mhz. Now its time to prime test it :).
  10. Now you are getting somewhere! The faster you get the Proc in sync mode, the higher your ram will go too!

  11. Got it running at 3.6 havent done prime95 yet but it ran through 3dmark06 with a 14573 with no problems. Most likely clock it back to 3.2 for stability/heat wise and I dont really need the 3.6 right now anyways.
    Thanks for the help!!
  12. Glad to see that things are working out! See how easy that was?

  13. I'd be a sad panda if my q6600 had a VID of 1.3 as you can see first hand they really start to cap at 3.6 as you've seen. That is unless you want to really up the voltage and shorten it's life at a much faster rate.

    If you really wanted to speed things up you could try getting a lower VID chip as some have been found with sub 1.2 VID, but not many people wanting to give those up I'd imagine.

    You can see a some data collection here. http://forums.pcper.com/showthread.php?t=443498
    The data sample (although small sample size) already statistically show the limited distribution of 4 great chips in a single unit.

    Mines 1.2375 and I still wish I had one of the lucky 1.1xxx VID chips.
  14. I have been trying to find info on VID's as well! My g0 is a 1.2625 instead of 3.6, I get 3.8, but it needs the voltage to reach it. I want a 1.1xxxx tooooooooooooo!! And my b3 is a 1.3125! Thats horrid, and with its heat, I keep it at 3.2 normally. I will get a better cooler for it some day and see what more it can do.

    Let me know if you find out anything about the VIDs... how does your 1.2375 do? Thats like 12 voltage notches that I cant use at 1.2625

  15. My initial oc were merely CPU tests to make sure it's good to go before I lap it, but I am hitting 3.0ghz at stock voltage (1.22) and 3.6ghz at a voltage of 1.345 (didn't try a lower voltage at 3.6ghz).

    Results were both 1hr stable under OCCT, but I only did a few hours of prime each since I was clocking back down to stock until I have time to lap the CPU and HS. Just need to finish my kitchen remodel first.
  16. better than mine, thats for sure. I am very interested in the VID thing, been looking for info, but its rare. I need 1.40 in windows drooped to 1.38ish to get to 3.6 8 hour stable, but to get 3.8 stable, I needed a lot more vcore for the gain. 1.50 is fine, dropped to 1.472.

    It starts to get to hot any higher, very quickly, even though the true keeps the tcase nice and cold, the cores still get up there. And believe me, its only at 3.8 thanks to the power of the TRUE, because it did wanna get hot at 3.8

  17. Its only like a month old you think newegg will RMA it and possibly I could get lucky and get a lower VID chip?
  18. Might as well try, just make it sound good when you tell em whatever reason, and hope they will. There are like 15 VIDs under 1.3000, and only two higher, so who is to say? 1.3125, and 1.3250. My b3 is the former, second worse, lol, and a b3! You should see the heat it puts out! Man, waaaaay hot!

    I, myself, have been eyeballing craigs list, and someone put a q6600 up earlier, so I e mailed him and asked if he would core temp check it for its VID, hehe! I hope he does, and I hope its low! That way I can get a low VID one and test away!!

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