Issue with Intel M/B & DVD writer

Hi all,

I want to buy a DVD writer (asus is my choice), my M/B is Intel D845GBV, will it support any (SATA+PATA/E-IDE) DVD drives or only PATA/E-IDE drives. I dont want to buy any other accessories. Please help me on that.

2. Also is there any issues with the LightScribe technology enabled DVD writers ?
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    Only IDE/PATA. The board got 2 such connectors for up to 4 drives. If an IDE burner supports LightScribe, why would it have an issue with LightScribe? Beats me.
  2. thanks very much auscanzukus. Actually I want to say is LS enabled drive is OK to use & the disks (CD/DVD) are easy to use or not.
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