Heat too high for q6600??? PLS help

these are my pc specs:
p5n32-e sli
q6600 (AC freezer 7 pro)
ASUS 8800gts 320mb
2x 2gb mushkin 800mHz 4-4-4-12

i had several atempts to OC my last cpu (e6750) but now im playing with my new toy, the q6600. i read some articles about OC-ing it and this is what i came up with....

i tryed to oc my q6600 at 3gb and i made it only increasing the fsb at 333. i have to mention that i didn't touched any voltage, only the ram one wich is set at 2.025 with 800mHz and 4-4-4-12 2T.

my pc booted straight away and i started monitoring it, so ...
30 degrees IDLE
65 degrees in full load - according to speedfan

core #0: 69
core #1: 69
core #2: 63

FSB : DRAM 5:6 according to cpu-z

What do u think?
1. is it normal to reach this speed only increasing the fsb and no change to the voltages?

2. is this heat (65 degrees in full load) too much for my cpu?

3. what about the temps i have in core temp?

4. Should i do something regarding the memory ratio, i mean to get at 1:1?

5. Any changes in bios that can reduce the heat for my CPU?

6. is it safe using my pc 24/7 OC'ed in this way ?
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  1. 1.) Yes. You could probably bring down the voltage a little more.
    2.) The general rule of thumb is stay under 65C for full load, which is the small FFT test.
    3.)The temps from Coretemps are accurate. They reflect your "core temps".
    4.) That's entirely up to you. There won't be any notable difference if the timings are set accordingly.
    5.) Minimize vcore.
    6.) Get your temps lower than 65C and make sure your system passes Prime95's small FFT test for at least 12hours and blend test for at least 14hours. This is because running 24/7 requires longer stressing.
  2. ^Agreed.
  3. dude, i just said that i didnt change any voltage only the ram (mushkin) one. vcore, nb,sb are on auto...
  4. any other oppinions ?pls
  5. When you say no change to the voltages... do you mean they are on AUTO? As in, CPU VCore voltage is on Auto?

  6. Wow, you sign off quick! As in, if the voltages are on auto, believe it or not, the boards tend to add more voltage than you need, especially to the processor as you up the FSB and therefor the processors speed.

    You can look and see where its set at currently while on Auto. (Hopefully your MoBo supports this and shows you the current values as well, even when on auto.)

    If you can see it there, just lower it by 2 notches and test away with small ftts on all the cores for a few hours, no BSOD, lower it again by one and re test until you find the lowest stable voltage. That holds true no matter what your speed, because the lowest voltage makes you get the lowest core temps.

    Best to do it at night or when you leave for a while, as you want several hours to be sure its stable, then lower, when you reach a point that it fails, up it a notch and let it run all night, 8 hours if possible, and if it bombs out... up it one more and do it again!
    Good Luck!

  7. You might also consider a new CPU cooler in addition to lowering voltage.

    A Tuniq Tower 120 would be a huge help. It seems to be the tried-and-true choice of many Q6600 overclockers.

    Check out this article.

  8. While the Tuniq tower is excellent, there are better cooler for the price now, especially the Xigmatek: http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=2233

    Cheaper and perhaps better, I think this is the way to go.
  9. I'm also OC'ing the Q6600 w/ a Arctic Freezer Pro 7. If you left the voltage setting on auto, your temps seem very reasonable to me. Set the voltage yourself. I'd start with 1.25v and work from there.
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