how to hook up a sata dvd-rw drive externally

if i purchase a regular internal SATA-based DVD-RW drive can I use a long SATA cable to place the drive externally (say 100cm away)?

Or, do I need a drive designed to be installed externally and a external SATA port.

Looks aren't important as this is for a custom built kiosk system so wires going everywhere doesn't matter
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  1. well i suggest using a SATA to USB adapter which is like 15$ i think it's easy than finding a long SATA cables
  2. No problem finding 1m SATA cables, or longer external ones. Just Google "sata cables" to find a supplier for your location.
  3. Sorry - forgot to add: The drive doesn't know whether it's internal or external (!) so I can't see any reason why what you propose shouldn't work.
  4. Am I correct that eSata connectors are identical to regular (internal) SATA connectors except for the holding catch and that a sata cable will fit an eSata port?
  5. Don't know the answer to that, but if you use an external cable they come in 1.5 metre lengths.
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