How to reach 4000Mhz on E8400??


I have a e8400 Running on a Gigabyte P35 DS3-R motherboard with 4 gb DDR-800 RAM.

My Goal is to reach a stable 4,0 Ghz, but I have been too much a wuzz, to play around with voltage and so on.

I had been running a stable 3,6Ghz just by swiching the FSB to 400. Until yesterday, where I restarted my machine, and upon startup, it booted again, and had reset FSB to deafult 333.

@ 3,6Ghz it ran on load at core1 61+ core2 52 celcius according to HW monitor.

I have read the guides to clocking dual cores, but still feel confused.

any help, by someone who knows my particular hardware, would be apirciated. :bounce:
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    The only things you need to worry about

    1. Turn CPU Host Clock Control to ENABLE

    2. Up your CPU Host frequency. A nice starting point might be to go from 333Mhz to 350Mhz REMEMBER YOU NEED TO MONITOR YOUR CPU TEMP to avoid damaging anything. If you get problems, check temps, check vcore (more vcore required for higher speed HOWEVER more heat needs to be dissipated)

    3. Turn Performance Enhance to STANDARD

    4. Set your PCI Express to 100 Mhz (you don't want this to rise as you up your FSB)

    5. Set your System Memory Multiplier as I described EARLIER (ie 2.00B) You can tinker with this To Your Hearts Content once you get the basic setup stable.

    6. As your ram will be essentially underclocked initially, take the tightest timings the manufacturer recommends.


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