Need Advice On What Parts To Use On My Computer Im Building

I'm planning on building a computer anytime between now and feburary. I will mainly use it for gaming(I mainly play RTS and some MMO) and video editing. I need advice as to what parts I should put in it. Anyhelp will be much appreciated as this will be my first build.

1 CPU. I definatly want the new penryn CPU but I'm trying to decide between the extreme edition version( I think its the QX6850) or the next CPU down. The only reason I would get the extreme edition is because its high FSB (1600 if I'm not mistaking) will I notice that big of a difference or should I stick with the one below it whatever that is. And also are there coming out with a none extreme edition 1600 FSB in Q1.

2 Hard Drive. Is there any major changes upcoming soon that I should wait for like sata 3. I heard somewhere that the less computer parts you put in the better so is it worth it to raid 0 my harddrives or is there not that big of a difference and I should just leave it out. Also I'd really like to have a 10,000 RPM hard drive but none of them have enough space (I need atleast a 500GB hard drive) so are they coming out with a bigger 10,000 RPM drive soon.

3 Memory. Well should I stick with DDR 2 or is it worth it for DDR 3 also what brand, speed, Latency and size (I was thinking at least 2GB is it worth it to get 4GB)

4 Motherboard. What type would you reccomend and are there any major changes happinig soon i should wait for (i was thinking about the asus x38 maximus also i really prefer asus unless another is alot better)

5 video card. Should i stick with the 8800 GT or should I wait for the 9800gtx also what brand is best.

6 sound card. I have no clue here so post what card you would reccomend also I probably won't use surround sound so just need one with crisp audio.

7 case. Again also I have no clue by I'd prefer one with a window
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  1. 1. If you have $1000 for a CPU then go for it. I would personally drop down to the $300 range for CPUs.

    2. Raid 0 is ok for speed. You said something about video editing. Is this for your work/job of just to record you WOW videos and edit them? Personally I would pick 2 500GB HDs and do Raid 1. IMO protection > speed.

    3. Stick with DDR2. 800 should be ok if you are going to OC big time go for 1066.

    4. I dont think the x38 chipset is all that great. I would stick with a good P35. Gigabyte makes some good boards.

    5. If you are buying now get the 8800GT. If you are buying in Feb no telling what will be out. Either way you might want to buy EVGA incase a new card comes out you can use their Step-Up program.

    6. You really dont need a sould card. Most motherboards have pretty good sound nowadays. Plus if you arent happy with the sound you can spend the money later. It is a very easy upgrade. When you do get sound you have to go HIGH-END!!! Plan to spend $100+ on a sound card if not it will not be better than onboard.

    7. Make sure the case has good airflow. Plus make sure you get a good PSU. Cases are mostly up to whatever you like.
  2. Thanks Nick for the post im so sorry I forgot to mention those things (I was typing this on my phone). Anyways my video editing will not be proffesional I mainly do AMV and short films on youtube just for fun so I really don't care about protection but if I do go with raid 0 does it increase my chances of it wiping out. Also I don't wants to OC my hardware I want it to be as stable as possible and I won't be adding extra fans. I hope that clears that up if there anythng else I forgot to mention please let I'd know
  3. I would wait for the cheaper Penryns. $1000 is a waste for any single computer component save the monitor. Additionally, a minor OC will not affect system stability in the least bit. I don't know what the stock fans will be for the Penryns, but if they are like the current ones, they suck. You could, for $20, get an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro, which would run cooler and install easier.

    I know the last bit isn't what you want, but there is no harm in being open minded.
  4. Raid 0 doesnt really increase the chances of a wipeout. The way raid 0 works is half is written to each drive(I know that isnt the tech way but its the easiest way to explain). If one drive dies then you cant get the data off the other. So does it increase no, but now you have 2 device that depend on each other if one fails neither works.
  5. do you have any idea what time frame the cheaper penryn will be released. And thank you for the OC suggestion that's exactly what I want is to be open minded I'm open to any suggestions. This is my first time im building a computer so I need all the help and suggestions I can get. Also if I do raid 0 will it read on my desktop as 1 because I rather not have 2 different harddrives on my desktop I want 1 place to store things (I'm like to be very organized)
  6. I think January to March of 2008.

    You're welcome.

    Raid 0 should, theoretically, read as one drive because the data for one file is written on two drives. The negative, as nick said, is that one drive failure kills them both. However, you have twice the capacity (as opposed to Raid 1), and it accesses files quicker.
  7. Thank you for the link. Thats the CPU I was talking about. I thought on wikipedia it said it has 1600 FSB and would go for $999 thou. if its 1300FSB then no question ill take Nukchebis advice and wait for the 2.8 GHZ version around feburary and save around $500
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  9. Why did you bump this what more do you want to know??
  10. I just needed as many advices as I can get on what hardware I should put into my new computer
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