More memory to ease processor workload???

I have an old Gigabyte GA-7N400 (pro2 rev2) Mobo with an AMD 2800 processor and win XP home. I currently have 1GB of DDR (2 X 512mb) memory however there are a total of 4 slots available (2 dimm slots for DS memory and 2 for SS memory).

When running the only game I play (Eve-Online), the processor stays pinged at 100%. However, the memory that the game uses (according to the Task Manager) is a max of 240mb. If I add more memory, will that relieve some stress on the processor or is it the processor that is the bottleneck (rated at 2800mhz but only uses 2081mhz or something like that)? I would like to remove the 2 512mb dimms and install 2 1GB dimms but if it can't get any faster than it currently is, I do not want to waste my money.

Should I consider overclocking the processor if more memory isn't going to change anything?

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  1. More memory won't take workload off your cpu. How is the game running? Choppy/jerky? Alot of games uses 100% of the CPU. When I play Need for Speed Carbon my AMD4000+ stays pinned at 100%.
  2. The game runs 'ok' until it gets really graphical. Then it can get choppy. It plays noticably better on my work pc which has an AMD dual core 4600 processor with 2gb memory.

    What I don't understand is why the game only uses 250mb and not a single mb more. I have one of the best agp vid. cards (xfx 7600GT 580mhz) so that's not the bottleneck.

    Do you think adding more memory will make the game run better?
  3. I don't know if more memory would help. At what resolutions are you running the game at?Try running the game at the lowest resolution possible to determine whether it is your cpu holding you back.By setting the game resolution to it's lowest you are eliminating the graphics card as the weak link.
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