New System Shuttle SP35P2pro bios problem. Please help!

This is my first attempt in building a new system. I got the Shuttle XPC SP35P2 Pro. Here are the specs:
- Intel Q6600
- 4 GB (4*1gb) OCZ Platinum rev 2
- Maxtor 500 GB Sata
- Samsung IDE dvd-rw
- geforce 6800

When i try to boot the system, with the windows cd inserted into my IDE dvd-rw, it goes to this screen
"Jmicron PCI-IDE/... controller......
ODO0: samsung
press any key to continue"
I cant get past this screen.

So, i try removing the IDE cd rom and set my SATA hd as the first boot device and it goes to this screen
"Jmicron PCI-IDE/... controller......
detect drives done, no any drive found"

I did some research and people have told to disable to jmicron controller. There is no place to disable this in my bios (altough i disable all IDE devices).
I have tried booting with 1 memory stick installed at a time, no changes.
Here is the link to the bios manual:
I am new to this, so any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Try swapping the cable of your cd rom with the one from your hard drive, and set the first boot device to be your cd-rom. Dunno if that will help.
  2. My CDrom is IDE my HD is SATA, i cant swap those cables.
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