dcpromo failed failed to configure the service dfs as requested

Please help,

I am trying to run DCpromo on a new Windows 2003 Server. Currently there is a Windwos 2000 Server PDC and BDC. I ran adprep /forestprep and adprep /domainprep successfully. Everything looks fine on the Windows 2003 Server.

When I run DCpromo it looks like it is working fine then I get the error
"Failed to Configure the Service DFS as requested"
"The Specified Service does not exist as a service"

DFS is running on the 2003 server and 2000 server. But the DFS service is not running on the 2000 server.

I have looked everywhere for an explanation, please help me out.

Thank you,

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  1. Quote:
    DFS is running on the 2003 server and 2000 server. But the DFS service is not running on the 2000 server.

    You have two 2000 servers running.. What mode are they in? Native, etc. Depending on how they are configured (mixed or native) they might not allow a 2003 server. DFS in 2003 may be different than in 2000 as well.

    I would try to promote without DFS and add it after you're on the domain.
  2. Both Windows 2000 Servers are in Native mode. The PDC is in the Domain Controller OU. I have added and removed DFS to the 2003 Server. I was unable to add the DFS server to the windows 2000 server.

    ADprep /forestprep and /Domainprep gave beck no errors when I ran it on the 2000 Server.... so it looked like it was good to run the DCPromo on the 2003 box.

    I have taken over the servers from a person who did not really know what he was doing in a Windows environment.

    Thank you for any further help,

  3. Go into your services snap-in (services.msc) and make sure your DFS service is actually running. From what I see, you can install it but by default it does not start. It still remains disabled.

    That might be the cause of your problem.
  4. The DFS replication service is Running on the Windows 2003 Server but it is not listed as a servcie (Automatic, Manual or disabled) on the windows 2000 box.

    I have disabled the Service on the 2003 server to match the other servers and that did not work. I tried to install the DFS management tool of the windows web site but, seemingly, required service was not there.

    I am getting this error from the Windows 2003 server I am trying to promote, but I am not sure if the error message refers the the 2003 server it is running on or the 2000 server it is trying to replicate to (I think the later).

    Thanks for your help though,

  5. Wait, do you already have DFS running on the 2000 servers?

    You have to create the DFS share names or something or another to get it working. I'm not all that familar with setting it up.. its not something you do on a daily basis.

    But the fact that you can't join the domain is odd. I'd transfer all FSMO roles to the primary DC and then try joining.
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