how do i install windows xp onto samsung sata hdd

i am trying to install windows xp onto my new samsung hd520ij sata drive. the problem i have is that the windows installation wont recognise the drive. i've checked bios and it doesnt show up there either. smasung say that no driver is need and that all i have to do is partition and format the drive, but i cant do this if it isnt recognised. the drive is connected correctly as it shows up in post. my system spec is as follows:

asus A7N8X m/board
athlon xp 2500+
2GB pc3200 ram
radeon x850 g/card

any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Need to do the "F6" and load the sata, or AHCI driver that comes on the MD CD - or go to web site and down load floopy file. Need to check bios on what is boot disk set for, SATA, AHCI, or ide mode.
  2. If you set the drive as IDE mode, you will not need the drivers. If you set it to AHCI, you will need the driver. (Most people just use the Native or Emulated IDE mode) AHCI doesn't do anything all that whoopty-do. Make sure that SATA is set as your second boot device right after DVD/CD.
  3. "i've checked bios and it doesnt show up there either." The drive has a problem. It should appear in BIOS
  4. did you plug in the power cable for the drive which is bigger then the data cable
  5. Normally if you set the sata mode to IDE computability or IDE MODE, you will not need any disk, but you will loose some sata features(not that it matters to most users. and with the age of the board i doubt NCQ is supported anyway)

    Given the age of the board, i would have to guess that the hard drive being SATA 300(SATA II) is incompatible with SATA 150. You are not out of luck yet. There is a jumper block on the drive for just this reason. You will been to place a jumper cap over the following pins to make the drive run in SATA 150 mode. Without this the drive does not show up

    Asus,s own website and manual for that board do not even show sata. They only show that for the A7N8X - E Deluxe. That makes it harder. I know its there.

    Look at the board and find the number on the Silicon Image sata link chip(right over the ports, may as well make sure the jumper over that is is in the 1-2 position too 2-3 disables sata) to get the drivers needed. You WILL need a working floppy drive for this to work.

    Hope this helps some
  6. XP requires sata drivers to install on a sata drive. Just get them from your mobo manufacturer's website.


  7. Your board uses the silicon Image 3112a sata controller.
    You will need to enable the controller in bios.
    Then you will need to make an F6 drivers disk.
    Where windows asks if you have a driver disk, that is where you hit F6 and than load the driver when it's asked for again.
    With your board there is no IDE emulation in the bios for the Sata chip.
    The Sil 3112a is a sata l controller so make sure your hard drive is set for sata l.
    Once the drive is seen by Windows you will be able to use it like any drive.
    As the drive is seen by the computer during post all you need is the F6 driver install disk.
    If you are having trouble finding the driver try;
  8. just my 2 cents..
    i never had to install any sata drivers before xp install, my samsung sata hdd was always recognised properly, even under win2k install.
  9. Its RAID and AHCI thet need drivers. SATA in IDE mode needs no drivers
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