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Well...Here is very basic but a real-hard-to-find solution problem.

Well...I have messed up my PC before by installing a certain music software but I was able to rescue my PC or OS with a backup or a copy of the backup image, and everything works fine but:

Usually, when you plug in any usb device, the autorun, if set on, will immediately pop up a window pop up box, which lists a few options that user could choose from:

- Open the folder and view the file contents
- Play video
- Take no action.

If you choose the first option, you will see what is in your USB device. But my problem is there is an duplicate "Open the folder and view the file contents" whenever I plug in my USB device...If you select the right one, you will see the contents of the usb device, but if you choose the wrong one, you will see the error message of: "Run Time Error 362, Resource Identifier 1-e is found"...

MY question is how you can fix this or is there any way to delete the run time error one?
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  1. Try using ccleaner to scan your registry for errors.
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