Thermalright MST-9775LE won't go at max RPM + FSB stuck on 295.

1) Hi, I just bought a thermalright tms-9775le CPU cooler for my E6300 on the 945P-S3 and it won't go at the mximum RPM (2500). At IDLE it goes at 900 and in full full exertion it goes at 1400-1500 RPM. How can I get it to run at full speed all the time? (or at least at 2000?). I've tried to cancel the "Smart CPU Control" in the BIOS but it doesn't help. BTW, it is connected to 4 pins conenection. The temps are not going higher then 55C but I am planning OC and I want to lower those temps.

2) I can't get the FSB to 300! It is stuck on 295 and on 300 it won't POST. My voltage is 1.3250V and I changed it up to 1.615 and it still won't work. What should I do? How far can I get the voltage without harming the CPU?
Thanks everyone! :)
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  1. Help? Anyone?
  2. Ummm, I dunno. I had to disable the bios fan controls too, and then actually select 100% from a different menu to make mine reach 100%, or lower the CPU fan trigger temps. Mine was set to apply 100% fan power when it reached 70c.

    Thats a little bit late in my estimation as well! So there may be two options that have to be used in the bios to get 1 fan at 100%. Nice, huh? Just gotta hunt down the bios options.

    Then again, I have different Mobos than you. But thats what I had to do!

  3. Thanks! I didn't realy understand what you said cause we have different mobos so I'm still looking for an answer. BTW I have another issue about OC my CPU, please look at my edited message.
  4. 1.) Could be the fan that's bad, but before assuming that, could you connect the fan to a 4-pin molex connector? That way it will be running at 100%, but you wouldn't be able to tell how fast it's going. It could also very well be faulty readings from the mobo.

    2.) Please list your specs and settings. Right off the bat, I'm assuming it's the ram. Set it to 1:1 and lax timings to 5-5-5-15.
  5. 1) It is connected to the CPU fan connection which is 4-pin. But I don't understand how to connect it to a 4 pin molex connector
    2) Memory: 2GB DDR2 667MHZ 5-5-5-15. The ratio is 1:1. I don't think the problem is the memory cause even when it is at 2:1 (run at 450MHZ) It won't POST. In addition I couldn't find the place in the bios where I can set the timings.
  6. Anyone? Help?
  7. I dont know anything about yer mobo, BUT the timing info should become available when you select manual or expert... I am not sure what yer board calls it, but mine says Memory timings, and when on auto, there are no options, but when you select manual, it open the fields for you to change. It should be labeled something pretty straight forward!

    If thats wrong, I am sure someone will correct me!

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