Overclocking My 8800GT

So I have been reading a little about everyone's overclocking experiences with the 8800GT. Now I haven't really ran into any people that have been having problems with it overclocking, it actually sounds pretty easy. Well, I have been running into problems.

I have the EVGA 8800GT Stock series. I have been reading that people with this card have been getting to atleast 650/1000 very easily, now I can't exceed 625/925 or I get artifacts+crash without fail, everysingle time.

Now it is stable in Vista when I do this, but when I go into say Crysis, or Tabula Rasa (which has been a big crasher anyways) it locks up with artifacts and BSOD's with a memory dump.

I am using RivaTuner and crank my fan all the way up. I don't know if anyone knows of anything I can do.

I have a question however, is it possible that my system memory could be causing this to happen? Maybe it is getting too hot? I don't know the temperatures of it, but I am OCing my CPU, and my memory is at 435MHz, which isn't that big of an increase. Thank you.
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  1. The only thing I could suggest is to check temps. To defintely rule out a CPU problem, put it back to it's stock clock settings and check Crysis etc again. Could be a dodgy card I suppose. Check all your temps first though. You could even try running you computer with the case open to see if it makes a difference to the temps and the stability of your computer.
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