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So I've been working on making my own car in 3ds max. Its been quite a painful journey however I've finally finished it. However I'm having a huge difficultly making materials.

So I've got a basic car paint material on my car. But I want it to look "Fully sick cuz, hektos bru". Basically I want to add flames and my logo to the side of the car.

Before people suggest using mudbox, I do think it is a great way to do it, however mudbox does not allow you to paint over an existing material, therefore I could not do it without the car becoming un-textured. Is there a way to add in a picture, ontop of an exisiting material, without loosing the material?

Please help

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  1. maybe i should say more.
    when you convert the flame and your logo into blend material,
    it will ask you whether to save the basic car paint material,
    you just need to keep old material as sub-material.
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